The timetable

A new year requires a new timetable .My first concern was to bring the calendar in my room and encircle the most important dates of birth of their loved ones too.
Year consists in the succession of natural phenomena: sunrise and sun pause, day followed night, succession of the seasons.
Since ancient times man has made a measurement of time and sharing it in years, weeks, days, hours, basic chronological elements being the year month and day.
Day is the time elapsed between two sunrises sun.
Over time and advancing technology have become more precise measurements, in 1884 the line was divided by 24 meridians of the North Pole to the South Pole at a distance of 15 °, these zones are time zones, each delimiting an area in which time is the same.
City Greenwich (near London) is considered original time zone.
Rotating motion around the axis is associated with the movement of earth around the sun, and return to initial position is achieved after 365 days 5 hours 48 minute 46 seconds.
Earth rotates around its axis, the Moon around the Earth, and then both around the Sun.
As you noted time is running too fast sometimes, so every moment to be lived to the maximum intensity.
Many of us when we were kids we wanted to be instead of large, and when I got in this depiction I wanted to take his childhood forever.

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