Happy New Year!

Here he passed a year of our lives, where we spent both good and bad moments with family, friends and enemies.
In the new year we have the opportunity to make decisions that make life better, to be ready for new challenges, to believe strongly in November and to be strong in order to overcome difficult moments.
In the evening of December 31, evening to welcome the new year, be sure that we are all dressed more special than other days, the table is full of goodies that are not in the year.
The transition between years can be likened to a gate that keeps things get better, and then closes the gate for the care and sorrow to lag behind.
In the new year I wish you many joys and achievements on all levels: friendship, love, funny moments, health, and obviously a salary raise.
First second of the new year is wonderful to spend with your loved ones, in `an atmosphere full of harmony and love.
Those who are parents, remember to give love and love your little children, you hope to join new beginning, the energy to will fulfill all the objectives and wisdom to overcome difficult moments.
Open your heart in the night of the year, let the joy of a new beginning to penetrate into your soul walks with hope and confidence and remember that someone will think of you at midnight and you will want all the happiness in the world.

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